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Faisal Town Phase 2

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Faisal Town Group has unveiled a number of outstanding housing projects, including Faisal Hills and Faisal Margalla City with intellectual growth in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Now is the time to see another massive housing project Faisal Town Phase II on the main Chakri Road and Thalian Intersection.

Innovative Housing Options


This recently launched project is one of the twin city’s most recognizable real estate endeavors. The administration of Faisal Town has successfully created and produced exceptional residential and commercial projects for its esteemed clients in housing developments that offer pleasant living.

The new, well-known residential development Faisal Town Phase 2 will be unlocked here. If you want to invest in Faisal Town, this article will give you all the details. Following Faisal Town Islamabad’s enormous success, Faisal Town Phase 2 is the newest residential development available to the public.


NOC – Approved By RDA


Faisal Town Pvt. Ltd. is a firm with an SECP registration. The present status of this initiative under RDA Rawalpindi Development Authority is approved encompassing a range of more than 25000 Kanals in the initial phase that will be increased to over 100,000 Kanals in the long term.


One of the key reasons why the plots’ capital appreciation doesn’t seem to slow down is because NOC has received RDA approval. It is still in high demand and generates a healthy profit for investors. If you’re looking for an investment that will pay off in a year or less, look no further. Our best property advisor gives it a solid 10/10 if you desire to make huge returns.


Why Faisal Town Phase 2 is a Good Investment


The top level of housing that Faisal Town provides is well renowned. Here are a few justifications for why it would be a good investment.


  1. Ideal Developers


The Faisal Group desires to create cutting-edge infrastructure that offers a distinctive experience and is being built on the hopes and dreams of those who have recently gained trust and faith in CEO Ch. Abdul Majeed’s vision.

In this regard, Zedem International Developers has been successful in creating, delivering, and designing high-quality commercial and residential projects for its stakeholders that may offer a luxurious lifestyle. Also, the team has been engaged in a variety of initiatives around Pakistan and the most notable ones include:


  • C-Square
  • Faisal Hills
  • Faisal Villas
  • Faisal Margalla City
  • Faisal Residency


Each project has immense potential and a high return on investment, which ensures substantial profits.


  1. Most Sought After Location


For attracting investors to invest, the site is crucial. The location of Faisal Town phase II is advantageous as it provides quick access to numerous neighboring monuments as well as the Capital City. The plan will be situated between Capital Smart City and the Thalian Interchange, encircled by the breathtaking views of the Margalla Hills’ lush surroundings.

Three major transportation hubs, the M-1 (3 km), M-2 (5 km), Islamabad International Airport (18 km), and Sangjani Railway Station (15 km) are all within close proximity to this project. The fact that this location has direct access to the Fateh Jang Road, Motor M-1, and Kashmir Highway makes it more convenient for the citizens of the twin cities.

  • Entry to Phase 2


Access is reachable from the following major hubs and locations:


  • Direct access via M2 Motorway
  • 15 minutes from Srinagar Highway
  • A 30-minute journey from Fateh Garh 
  • Approximately 40 minutes from Shahpur Dam
  • Only five to seven minutes from CBR Phase 2
  • A 10-minute drive from Islamabad International Airport
  • From Girja Road, you may arrive in ten to fifteen minutes


These elements, together with Phase 2’s proximity to the New Islamabad Airport, have contributed to an increase in the price of plots for sale. You  can access external services pretty easily thanks to this feature, but they also have a great deal of flexibility.


  1. Plots Affordability


Affordably priced residential and commercial plots are available in a project’s various sizes and configurations. Similar to that, it offers fantastic financial prospects to individuals looking to purchase or invest in properties under the Faisal Town Phase 2 Scheme.


  • Modern-day town planning
  • All contemporary conveniences
  • Ideal location and simple access
  • Expect a 20-25% increase in prices over the following few years
  • It provides various plot sizes at reasonable prices in comparison to adjacent societies


Residents of the potential property can enjoy an opulent and refined lifestyle offering all amenities and conveniences to its tenants. They are given a very secure atmosphere thanks to it.


  1. Rapid Development


The development phase is well underway, with the pace heating up significantly. This will have an effect on future prices. A few substantial changes will take place soon, which will increase the value of the properties in this complex. Because of this, now is the perfect time to invest to make significant profits immediately.


Notable Features of the Project


Every successful project has something exceptional to offer that sets it apart and prominent from the rest. The 110-foot-wide main gate, which reflects a special fusion of Gandhara customs and Mughal architecture, is what makes it special. Some elements that are only briefly mentioned at the project’s inception are:


  • Every commercial will be monopolized
  •  Received approval from the relevant authorities
  • Streets and roads would be between 40 and 270 feet wider
  • World-class development and evolving global design are expected
  • Planning calls for 45% green and environmentally friendly development


From discovering sites to achieving a profitable real estate sale, Stock Property provides comprehensive door-to-door support by offering a variety of properties with various possibilities. If you truly want to improve your living conditions, there is no wiser choice than Faisal Town Phase 2.

Master Plan of Faisal Town Phase 2


The project is an impending real estate marvel of Islamabad and Rawalpindi that provides a mixed-use community with residential and business plots.  Also, it offers a carefully thought-out infrastructure complete with everything needed for a comfortable lifestyle.


Moreover, it presents a range of anticipated land sizes to accommodate various investors’ interests. Whether you desire a small plot to construct your ideal home or a large plot to establish a business enterprise. The design offers a variety of residential and commercial plots with the expected sizes:


  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 14 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanals


*Overseas Pakistanis can now receive a 5% discount on any of these plots. Keep in mind that this discount is only available to Pakistanis living outside of Pakistan.




The housing project has already been completed, and the plots are available for purchase. Construction of highways and roads is ongoing, and the underpass serves as a facility. Bungalows, mansions, and cottages are also now under construction on the property.


Residential Property Price Trends 


The appealing payment plan of Faisal Town Phase 2 will entice both investors and property buyers. Although the management does not formally disclose the repayment plan, they highlight that they would provide a compelling and cost-effective payback plan with simple installment options of 4-5 years.


  • For investors and buyers, there is an expected down payment of 20% to 30% with no additional fees.
  • According to our analysis and market value, this might be the estimated price of residential plots. 
  • Keep checking back with us, and as soon as the developers offer an update on payment, we’ll let you know. 


The pre-launch rates and payment schedule for residential plots have been officially announced. As soon as the company distributed forms, reservations could be made. Stock Property has a limited amount of bookings for all sizes of residential plots, so hurry up and contact us to reserve your plot.

A Review of Market Rates


For investors, Faisal Town Phase II presents a tremendous opportunity. For the greatest offers and a simple 4.5-year schedule of quarterly installments, get in touch with us.


  • Cost of a 5-Marla plot may start at 27 lac and increase to 28 lac
  • Cost of the 8-Marla plot may start at 38 lac and increase to 39 lac
  • Cost of the 10-Marla land ranges from 49 lac to 60 lac
  • Cost varies for 1-Kanal plots ranging from 80 lac to 1 cror
  • Cost for a 2-Kanal plot ranges from 1.50 cror to 2 cror


This is yet another undertaking by Faisal Town Private Ltd. Phase 2 will quickly catch the interest of buyers, so don’t wait too long to invest or buy property at cheap prices. As with their last project, investors made tremendous profits




Regardless of your style of living, Faisal Town Phase 2 promises to combine your necessities, wishes, and joys into a single attitude when searching for the best home for your altruistic livelihood. It has superior features that provide amenities more effectively than the rest of its market rivals.


The Project is magnificent in every manner, including the healthy surroundings and roomy living. You might well be sure to experience the feel, touch, and feeling of rejuvenation with top-notch amenities all around you.


Basic Utilities: Underground electricity, water, and gas are among the primary amenities provided to the residents. A drainage system to drain rainwater and a supply of gas and pure water is also available.


Smooth Roads: Even while economic prospects are vital, a society cannot be said to be at its finest without a network of paved, wide, and carpeted roads. Well, the roads at phase 2 have been expertly planned to guarantee that you have a lovely journey.


Electricity Backup: To address issues like load shedding, the housing society aims to construct power backup systems.


Security: The residents’ safety is never compromised. The go-through gates are erected at the housing scheme’s entrances to ensure that only authorized individuals may enter the residential society’s premises.


Enterprise Hubs: The developers and owners are also building business centers for the people to help them satisfy their commercial needs. We guarantee that you can get whatever you desire within a 5-minute walk.


Medical Facilities: To offer residents access to quick medical facilities, the Faisal Town Phase 2 developers plan to construct a hospital on the property. However, various hospitals and clinics are nearby the housing development.


*Once you invest in property with Property Stock, your interests and pleasure will increase. Where you cater to all recreational and cultural activities since happiness is all you seek in order to feel entirely at ease. At first glance, you fall in love with it and become delighted. 


Book Your Plot Now!


Since the residential plots for sale are limited, you must move quickly and contact us now to reserve your plot in this exceptional and high-yielding project of Faisal Town Private Limited. However, the project’s owners have recently noticed Pakistan’s rising land prices. As a result, they frequently update the plot prices and raise them by a certain percentage.


PropertyStock encourages interested candidates to invest at the old rates as soon as feasible to enjoy massive profits.

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