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Tab City Rawalpindi

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Introduction  To Tab City Rawalpindi 


Are you looking to buy land for investment purposes or to build your dream home?  Tab City is an ideal housing project in Rawalpindi allowing residents to get away from the city to a luxurious green setting. Luxurious homes are designed and combined with modern styles to provide a sense of serenity with nature. Stock Property, a real estate property developer, is dealing exclusively with the Tab City in Rawalpindi, which includes a variety of off-plan plots, houses, luxury apartments, as well as furnished hotel suites for sale or rent, all with high rental yields and ROIs.


Strategically Located


The ultimate appealing feature of this community is its proximity to the major GT road. The serene surroundings of this civilization, which has a front that is 1 km wide, allow for the rest and concentration of exhausted minds. This housing project is approximately 10 minutes away from Giga Mall and Rawat. It is expected that it will evolve into an outstanding business and residential zone in the future. Furthermore, Rawat police station, expressway, and T- chowk also contend with it.


Notable Landmarks 


Tab City’s landmarks include farmhouses in the countryside, RBS Cattle, and Agro farms. Moreover, these sites have features that would be helpful for the residents and investors of this project.


A Project of Tab Builders


Tab City Map is one of the best firms registered in 2020 in SSCP with the registration number “0155302” created and developed by Tab Builders. The architects, city planners, builders, and technicians intend to construct an economic housing society for Tab City residents.


Tab group has constructed buildings in accordance with the requirements of the International Building Code, which governs the use of materials and techniques resistant to common hazards. As an additional perk, Tab Developers & Owners provides services including:


  • Pre-construction
  • General Contracting
  • Design Development
  • Building Administration


Customer support and the mindset of collaborating with clients to achieve a cost-effective and efficient delivery with a high-quality approach to construction materials and services have always been underlined by Tab Builders.

NOC and Legal Status 


NOC clearly demonstrates the contradictory development of society as a whole. Tab City Rawalpindi has yet to seek a No Objection Certificate (NOC) and approval from the relevant authorities. According to management, they would soon request TMA clearance before proceeding with their application to RDA.

As receiving NOC is a long process, it takes a significant amount of time. The developers are certain that they would soon receive the necessary approval. Moreover, once approved, economists predict an increase in future plot prices as the worth of the property increases.


Sale Trends and Payment Plan 


For the benefit of our esteemed clients and viewers who are curious about the prices of the Tab housing project, Stock Property is pleased to present the payment schedule. Residential and commercial plots, farmhouses, villas, as well as other assets are all available at varying price ranges with a competitive payment plan. A 36-installment, a three-year payment plan is offered.


The prices for plots in Tab City Rawalpindi are as follows:


  • The cost of a 5-Marla plot is PKR 2,275,000; a 20% down payment is required to reserve one, with the remaining amount to be paid over 36 months.
  • Plots of 7 Marla are offered for PKR 3,080,000 and can be reserved with a 20% down payment and the balance paid over 36 months.
  • You can reserve your 10 Marla land for PKR 850,000 (20%) off the total price of PKR 4,250,000.
  • 1 Kanal Plots are offered for PKR 8,200,000, with a 20% down payment and the balance payable in 36 monthly installments.

Tab City Rawalpindi – MUSTAFA BLOCK


Tab City spans 15,000 Kanals. The Group has announced a payment plan for its very first block, “Mustafa Block”, launched by a dealer authorization event hosted on September 5, 2022. Maulana Tariq Jameel, a well-known religious figure in Pakistan, laid this ceremonial basic foundation. . Let’s also look at plots that are a suitable investment for residential use that render them more profitable in the future.


Residential Plots


Whatever your investment goal, Tab residential plots for sale are the best option. Currently, a large number of its options are premium only. Property Stock Holder Group strongly recommends you purchase since it is advantageous to both buyers and investors. The sizes of residential plots in Tab City are as follows:


  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla 
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal


The Tab’s best property advisor guarantees that cheap residential services are provided to all investors in a world-class manner.


Commercial Plots


Tab Group is eager to increase its commercial value in addition to selling residential plots.  The data will be available following the formal announcement. However, we can foresee the following commercial plots:


  • 2 Marla
  • 4 Marla


Master Plan and Layout Details


Since Tab City is still in its initial phases, the community has not been given access to a society’s master plan. Once announced, it will be available on the Tab City Official Website. The master plan will include residential and commercial sectors that will be outfitted with cutting-edge amenities and foreign architecture. The developers want to unveil it soon.


Only residential plots are being introduced right now. What we do know is that 15000 Kanal of land has been set down for this project along the main G.T Road near Dhoke Khairyaan. Since creating a master plan takes a lot of time, we will update it here as Tab Group makes it public.


Development Work Update 


The housing project has already been completed, and the plots are free for ownership.

Roads and highways are being built, and facilities are provided by means of the underpass. Moreover, bungalows, luxury homes, and cottages are already under development on the site.


Why Tab City is better than Neighboring Societies?


Tab City is one of the most wanted initiatives not only in Rawalpindi but also in other parts of Pakistan and internationally. It has effectively captured the attention of investors as well as individuals who have chosen to make this society their permanent residence due to a variety of factors.


Amenities, Schools & Healthcare


One of Tab City’s key goals is to attract new investors, while another is to provide cutting-edge amenities to its citizens. Ideally suited for families, Tab City offers lots of amenities and a lush landscape. It is attracting interest from both prospective residents and investors due to the availability of outdoor land, greenery, and views surrounding it.



Aiming to raise the standard for lavish living in Rawalpindi, Tab City is enhanced by hospitals, schools, and large mosques, which cater to your social needs. A plethora of benefits awaits those who wish to invest in property. Following are some of the many amenities on offer:


  • A magnificent Jamia Masjid 
  • Societal security and inspection
  • Infrastructure waste management
  • A local medical facility of international standing
  • 24/7 underground service for gas, water, and electricity
  • Higher education institutions, including schools and colleges


Entertainment Facilities


A society that offers attractive lifestyle features like a zoo, shopping centers, theme parks, top-notch sports, and much more. The following are some of Tab City’s comforts:


  • Shopping malls 
  • The theme park on the premises
  • Transportation and parking spaces
  • Open space, playgrounds, and playrooms for kids
  • Landscapes with vegetation and adventurous wildlife site


From finding land to securing a profitable real estate deal, Stock Property offers comprehensive door-to-door assistance by providing a range of properties with different alternatives (size, budget, and location). There is no better option than Tab City Rawalpindi if you genuinely want to improve your living standards.


Why Invest in Tab City Rawalpindi?


Tab City is considered one of Pakistan’s top housing projects providing investment services. Since its foundation has established itself in the property industry by offering cutting-edge commercial and residential developments. Here are a few reasons why Tab City is the ideal location for investors right now.


  1. Safety

In contrast to being one of the perfect places to live, Tab City is also among the great areas to raise a family due to its safe and secure surroundings. The crime rate is extremely low, and violent crime is virtually non-existent. This housing project is actually regarded as one of the safest assets in Pakistan to live in.


  1. Location

Next, and perhaps more crucially, Tab’s prime location attracts visitors. All of the major urban centers are only a short distance apart. As a result, now is the time to decide on your investment in Tab City, Rawalpindi, in order to boost your production. The location away from the town’s bustle makes it ideal for those seeking peace and privacy.


  1. World-class Infrastructure

Incredibly well-built infrastructure makes up the entire housing project. It is outfitted with all basic requirements for day-to-day living. Tab City’s world-class infrastructure and urban planning have allowed it to become a significant hub not only in Pakistan but around the world. Additionally, it is developing into a smart, sustainable community.


  1. High Returns on Investments

Any investment in Tab City yields an incredible return on capital (ROI) as its real estate sector is expanding day by day. Based on the zoning laws, properties can be rented out for residential or commercial reasons. Many investors keep the properties on hold till the values increase. Once they do, property owners typically sell it for a significant profit.


  1. Economic Growth and Stability

Last but not the least, the economy’s stability and ongoing expansion are reasons why investors prefer Tab City. It possesses one of the most developed financial markets and draws a significant amount of both local and foreign investment each year because it is the residential and commercial hub of Rawalpindi. It should come as no surprise that Tab City ranked first in attracting foreign direct investment projects too.


Why Choose Stock Property?


Stock Property – a reputable real estate firm offering premium residential properties and commercial spaces to its valued clients in Tab City Rawalpindi. Following our commitment to this initiative, we are dedicated to providing residences that are both appealing and convenient. If you’re seeking a new house in Rawalpindi, or even an investment opportunity, we can help you discover exactly what you’re looking for!


Feel free to contact us at any time to reserve your plot in Tab City, and visit Stock Property regularly for updates.

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