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Seven Wonder City

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Introduction for 7 Wonder City in Islamabad


After the success of Seven Wonder City Karachi, 7 wonder city Islamabad is heading to break all the records of being an amazing residential project by Global Financial Solutions (GFS). Mr. Irfan Wahid is the owner of this Group and is working on multiple international projects in the UK and USA for a long time. He is the former Vice Chairman of the Defence Builders Association and has high experience in the real estate industry as well as in construction projects. Therefore the projects he chooses are always worthy and successful. The infrastructure, design, and construction planning of the seven wonders city Islamabad is also managed by the GFS group.


This society covers a wide area of land which is divided into multiple blocks with a view to building them in different categories. Modern amenities, modern development planning, and wide roads make this housing society distinctive and amazing. Undoubtedly, the 7 wonders city in Islamabad is one of the best residential societies due to its distinctive features.

About the Developers (GFS)

GFS is the Developer of this society which is a recognized and very successful builders group of Pakistan. Their services are known across the country such as the success of Seven Wonders City Karachi which is not hidden from anyone. Global Financial Solutions (GFS) has completed several projects that prove the reliability and worth of their new project “7 Wonders City in Islamabad”. Followings are the projects delivered by the GFS to the country:


  • GFS Tower
  • Oxford Villas
  • GFS Mega Tower
  • Roshan Tower
  • Malir Luxuria 1 and 2
  • 7 Wonder City Karachi
  • Downtown Residency
  • New Town Residency
  • Industrial Zone Phase 2
  • GFS Mega Twin Tower
  • NTR Industrial Zone
  • Younus Presidency
  • GFS Shopping Arena
  • North Town Residency Phase 1 and Phase 2 Karachi
  • Malir Town Residency Karachi Phase  1, Phase 2, Phase 3, Phase 4, and Phase 5


Not only that, they are working on different international projects in London and New York City. 7 Wonder City Islamabad is an appealing project by GFS and the plots are available at pre-launch rates. What are you waiting for? You are welcome to invest in this amazing real estate project and get max-returns on your investment with us.

Why Said 7 Wonder City


This society is named as 7 wonder City because of the development of the world’s 7 wonders in it. The visitors and the residents would be able to see and touch these amazing giants in this society that makes it called Seven Wonder City.


  • The Great Wall of China
  • The Stonehenge
  • The Eiffel Tower
  • The Roman Colosseum
  • The Taj Mahal
  • The Great Pyramid of Giza
  • The Statue of Liberty


When it comes to choosing a society to buy a plot/house for your family or resale purpose, the first thing you think about is how long will it take for the society to develop right? There is no doubt that the Seven Wonder City Islamabad is going to be one of the most attractive societies of Pakistan where people would love to live and work. No society could provide 7 Wonders at once till now to its residents and visitors. GFS is aimed to develop a residential city where people would come from across the country because of amazing Wonders within one society in different blocks.

Plotting Sizes


The plot sizes of the 7 Wonders City are very suitable and according to the needs of the current investors. You will find a huge range of residential plots in a variety of sizes that are as follows:

The Total rate of 5 Marla plots  PKR 16.5 lacs, and its booking would begin with PKR 1.65 lacs. The investors can pay on 40 months’ installment or eight half-yearly installments. The entire era plan is for four years.

The Total rate of the 07 Marla plot  further than PKR 23 lacs, upon booking starts on PKR 2.31 lacs. besides, the investor can pay 40 months’ or consist of eight half-yearly installments.

The prices of 10 Marla plots will be PKR 33 lacs, and the current booking price will be PKR 3.3 Lacs. Like 5 and 7 Marla, these plots’ payment plan is four years, along with eight half years installments.

You will be able to see several new options in commercials, as well as the constructed properties, which are also to be added to the plan soon. So don’t miss the chance to have your home in this amazing society or invest in this rising real estate project. Whether you want a five-Marla plot for your small family or a seven-Marla or ten Marla plot you can contact us now and we will make it possible for you to get the possession within the shortest possible time with simple and easy installations. Global Financial Solutions (GFS) has planned the easiest process of buying property in seven wonders city Islamabad.

Pre-Lunch Rates & Payment Plans


4 Years Payment Plan

NOC, Location in Islamabad


Undoubtedly, the location of Seven Wonders City is very prime and strategic. This is because it is located near the Nova City Islamabad and is very convenient to the Islamabad International Airport. M9 Islamabad Karachi Motorway is another important neighbor of this society. Enjoy easy access to both the cities Islamabad and Rawalpindi with a few minutes of drive. The entrance points at near Fateh Jang Road and CPEC Route.

Benefits of real estate investment

There is no doubt that real estate is the best option for investment because of the huge potential of this industry. This is amongst the most profitable businesses with minimum efforts. However, it is important to choose the right property to invest in the real estate business. There are different types of benefits a person can gain from its investment in the real estate business. These benefits are as follows:


Stable Income:


Yes, there is the factor of stable income in the real estate business. Whether you buy a property to develop & sell or a developed property to rent or resale you can generate a handsome profit both from the reselling and rent of the property. The best thing is that the income starts quickly especially when you buy a developed property to offer on rent.


Financial Security:


In order to secure your financial position, you can invest your savings in real estate that would ultimately boost the value of your assets. You would not have the fear of losing the value of your investment if you invest in a potential real estate property like Seven Wonders City Islamabad.




One of the best things about investing in real estate is that you are not bound to look after your property daily like a running business. It’s just a one-time investment and the rest you have to do is wait for the value to increase. In the case of rental property, you only have to look after the collection of a monthly or yearly rent of your property you receive as income. So it’s quite a manageable business.


Non-Depreciable Asset:


Another important factor of real estate is that you get a non-depreciable asset with your investment. So there are almost zero chances of loss in the real estate business.



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