Best Housing Societies in Lahore

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Lahore, being the cultural capital of Pakistan, is home to various housing societies, replete with modern amenities and well-developed infrastructure, making it a hot spot for lucrative investment.

If you are considering investing in Lahore, you’re at the right place. Whether you seek a luxurious lifestyle, a serene environment, or a bustling community, Lahore has it all. Let’s cut to the chase and delve into the best housing societies in Lahore that stand out from an investment perspective.

5 Best Housing Societies in Lahore

Lahore boasts a plethora of housing societies tailored to various lifestyles and preferences. This ranges from newly developed housing societies in Lahore with contemporary amenities and cutting-edge living spaces to established neighborhoods showcasing meticulous layouts and outstanding facilities. 

Whether you are on the hunt for the ideal housing society or exploring fresh investment prospects in Lahore, let this guide serve as your compass through the thriving real estate landscape of this captivating city.

Marina Sports City Lahore

Best Housing Societies in Lahore
Best Housing Societies in Lahore 20

Key Details

Location: Marina Sports City, main Sharaqpur-Jaranwala Road, Lahore.

NOC: LDA-approved

Project by: Al-Jalil Developers

The first on the list of best housing societies in Lahore is Marina Sports City, an extraordinary development that seamlessly blends luxury living with top-notch sports facilities. Marina Sports City is an LDA-approved project by Al-Jalil Developers, located at main Sharaqpur-Jaranwala Road. This unparalleled project caters to individuals and families alike, offering various real estate options, including 3, 5, and 10 Marla plots, as well as 1 Kanal villa.

With flexible and easy installment plans, making your dream of owning a home in Marina Sports City is not only desirable but also achievable for individuals across all demographics.

Marina Sports City Lahore Location

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Best Housing Societies in Lahore 21

Marina Sports City is strategically located at the main Sharaqpur-Jaranwala Road, adding another layer of allure to this exceptional development. The integration of Marina into Al Noor Orchard’s landscape enhances its accessibility and connectivity, making it a prime location for residents seeking a harmonious blend of luxury and convenience.

Marina Sports City Lahore Payment Plan

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Best Housing Societies in Lahore 22

Marina Sports City believes in making luxury living accessible to all. With a thoughtfully designed payment plan, potential homeowners can embark on their journey toward owning a piece of this prestigious community. It features a 10% discount on lump sum payment. The installment options are crafted to accommodate various financial plans, ensuring that the dream of living in Marina Sports City is within reach.

Plot SizeTotal PriceBooking AmountConfirmation (within 6 months)6 Half-Yearly Installments50 Monthly Installments
3 Marla1,450,000150,000150,00037,5009,500
5 Marla2,100,000200,000200,00075,00013,000
10 Marla3,800,000400,000400,000125,00021,000
20 Marla6,500,000650,000650,000225,00038,000

Marina Sports City Lahore Facilities and Amenities

Marina Sports City Lahore offers state-of-the-art facilities designed to elevate your lifestyle.

Qalandars Stadium

Marina Sports City takes pride in the centerpiece of its facilities – the Qalandars Stadium. This stadium boasts an international standard layout, capable of hosting national and international events. It serves as a hub for aspiring athletes, providing a conducive environment for training and growth.

Pakistan’s First Dedicated eSports Arena

For gaming enthusiasts, Marina Sports City features Pakistan’s first dedicated eSports arena. Equipped with state-of-the-art multiplayer infrastructure, this arena is a haven for gamers looking to hone their skills. Additionally, the Grand Marina Sports Club provides a dedicated darts area for those who enjoy classic one-on-one games.

Sports Education and Training

Marina Sports City goes beyond just playing sports; it’s a hub for sports education and training. The facilities are designed to nurture and develop sports professionals, contributing to the growth of the sporting community.

Grand Marina Sports Club

At the heart of Marina Sports City lies the Grand Marina Sports Club, a sprawling 100-acre facility offering an international sporting experience. From luxurious hotels and spas to saunas, yoga classes, and a nutritionist-operated cafe, this club is a haven for relaxation and well-being.

Why Invest in Marina Sports City?

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Best Housing Societies in Lahore 23

Investing in Marina Sports City is not just about owning real estate; it’s about embracing a lifestyle that combines luxury living with a world-class sports environment. The unique features, strategic location, and commitment to excellence make Marina Sports City a promising investment opportunity. With a focus on sports, education, and a holistic approach to well-being, Marina Sports City is not just a housing society; it’s a community that nurtures the spirit of sportsmanship and healthy living. Whether you’re seeking a dream home or a lucrative investment, Marina Sports City stands out as a beacon of unparalleled living in Lahore.

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Lahore Smart City

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Best Housing Societies in Lahore 24

Key Details

Location: Lahore Smart City, near Main Bypass, Lahore

NOC: LDA-approved

Project by: Future Development Holdings, Surbana Jurong, and Habib Rafique

Lahore Smart City (LSC), an LDA-approved housing society located at Lahore Bypass, is developed by world-class entities, Future Development Holdings PVT Ltd. (FDHL), Surbana Jurong (SJ), and Habib Rafique Pvt. Limited (HRL), LSC is poised to become Pakistan’s second smart city. Surbana Jurong, a renowned Singapore-based consultancy firm, was entrusted as the Master Planner for Lahore Smart City. The result is a project integrating smart features, cutting-edge design, and sustainable development to create a modern urban oasis.

Lahore Smart City Location

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Best Housing Societies in Lahore 25

Situated at Lahore Bypass, Lahore Smart City offers a strategic location that combines innovation with convenience, providing residents with easy access to key areas in Lahore.

Lahore Smart City Payment Plan

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Best Housing Societies in Lahore 26

The Lahore Smart City payment plan is designed to accommodate diverse financial plans, making smart living accessible to a wide range of investors and homeowners. It features 14 installments and a 5% discount on a 50% down payment and 10% on a lump sum payment.

Plot SizeDimensions (Sq. Yds)Executive BlockOverseas BlockR/P/MS Fee
5 Marla125 2,685,0002,845,00012,000
7 Marla1753,490,0003,700,00015,000
10 Marla2504,945,0005,325,00015,000
12 Marla3005,425,0005,750,00015,000
1 Kanal5008,050,0008,490,00015,000

Lahore Smart City Facilities and Amenities

Lahore Smart City is a robust housing project that embraces technological and sustainable development, setting new standards for contemporary living.

Recreational Trail

Enjoy 20 miles of a recreational trail along the eco-spine and rivers, connecting the community with nature.

Central Park and Tourist Destination

600 Kanal Central Park integrated with a grand mosque and financial square is a tourist destination within the smart city.

Open Spaces and Facilities

Boasting 20m² of open space per person, Lahore Smart City incorporates various sports, cultural, community, and garden facilities to create a vibrant and inclusive living environment.

Why Invest in Lahore Smart City?

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Best Housing Societies in Lahore 27

Lahore Smart City is a beacon of technological innovation, sustainable development, and modern living. Whether you’re seeking a smart investment or a futuristic residence, Lahore Smart City offers a unique opportunity to be part of a groundbreaking venture that propels the city towards advancement and prosperity.

  • Strategic Location: The Lahore Bypass location ensures not only a futuristic living experience but also promising investment returns.
  • Innovative Design: With a focus on technological integration, Lahore Smart City presents an innovative and modern urban living concept.
  • Sustainable Living: The commitment to sustainable development aligns with global trends, making Lahore Smart City an environmentally conscious investment.
  • Collaboration of Experts: Developed by FDHL, SJ, and HRL, Lahore Smart City brings together the expertise of leading entities in real estate and urban planning.

Al-Jalil Garden Lahore

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Best Housing Societies in Lahore 28

Key Details

Location: Al-Jalil Garden, Faizpur Interchange, Motorway Main Sharaqpur, Road, Lahore

NOC: LDA-approved

Project by: Al-Jalil Developers

Al-Jalil Garden is a popular housing project by Al-Jalil Developers. This society is located on the outskirts of Lahore and presents a haven of tranquility for residents, shielding them from urban clamor and pollution. Despite its serene setting, this residential gem ensures easy access to essential amenities, striking a harmonious balance between peace and convenience. The housing scheme’s distinct location and innovative approach, coupled with its premium amenities, have propelled it to resounding success.

With plot sizes ranging from 3 Marla to 1 Kanal, Al-Jalil Garden is meticulously planned to cater to a diverse range of preferences. The convenience of an easy installment plan further enhances accessibility, allowing individuals to effortlessly secure a plot and elevate their lifestyle within this thoughtfully designed community. 

Al-Jalil Garden Lahore Location

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Best Housing Societies in Lahore 29

Al-Jalil Garden Lahore is located on Faizpur Interchange, Motorway (M2) Main Sharaqpur, Road, Lahore. It is strategically situated in the suburbs, providing residents with a serene environment free from urban noise and pollution.

Al-Jalil Garden Lahore Payment Plan

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Best Housing Societies in Lahore 30

With thoughtfully planned plot sizes of 5 Marla, 8 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal, Al-Jalil Garden caters to a diverse range of preferences. The housing scheme offers an easy installment plan of 30 months, allowing individuals to secure their ideal plot and elevate their lifestyle seamlessly.

Plot SizeTotal PriceBooking Amount (20%)On Balloting (10%)After Every 6 Months30 Monthly Installments
5 Marla2,800,000560,000280,000140,00028,000
8 Marla3,800,000760,000380,000190,00038,000
10 Marla5,000,0001000,000500,000250,00050,000
1 Kanal9,000,0001,800,000900,000450,00090,000

Al-Jalil Garden Lahore Facilities and Amenities

Al-Jalil Garden prioritizes community needs with the presence of a Jamia Masjid and a state-of-the-art sewerage system, ensuring a comfortable and hygienic living experience. Other than that, it offers the following excellent facilities.

  • Educational Excellence: Steppingstone School, a primary and middle school, is fully operational within the community, allowing residents to provide quality education to their children within the secure premises.
  • Culinary Delights: The presence of renowned eateries such as Jade Cafe, China Town, Pizza Hut, and Gloria Jeans adds a delightful touch to the community, making it an attractive retreat for residents and visitors alike.
  • Sports Complex and Entertainment: A prospective sports complex with international facilities is on the horizon, promising a fully equipped venue for sports enthusiasts. The gated community also features a cinema for entertainment.
  • Health and Well-Being: Al-Jalil Healthcare facility provides comprehensive health services, including free checkups and vaccination camps, ensuring residents’ well-being is a top priority.
  • Mall and Parks: Residents can enjoy the convenience of a dedicated mall for shopping needs and well-maintained parks for recreational activities.

Why Invest in Al-Jalil Garden Lahore?

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Best Housing Societies in Lahore 31

The combination of a tranquil environment, strategic location, and premium amenities positions Al-Jalil Garden as a lucrative investment opportunity. The continuous development and commitment to residents’ needs contribute to the housing scheme’s rising value. Investing in Al-Jalil Garden Lahore is not just about property; it’s about securing a lifestyle enriched with tranquility, convenience, and an array of premium amenities. Whether for residence or investment, Al-Jalil Garden stands as an ideal choice for those seeking a balanced and harmonious living experience.

Bahria Town Lahore

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Best Housing Societies in Lahore 32

Key Details

Location: Bahria Town Lahore, Canal Bank Road, adjacent to Raiwind Road.

NOC: LDA-approved

Project by: Bahria Town Pvt Ltd.

Bahria Town is a name that needs no introduction, and Bahria Town Lahore is one prime example of the most successful project in Pakistan. Bahria Town Lahore is a testament to exquisite design, meticulous planning, and an array of top-notch amenities. This beautifully crafted community harmonizes farmhouses, traditional bungalow-style large land formats, economy housing, and luxury lifestyle, creating a versatile and diverse living environment.

Bahria Town Lahore is envisioned by Malik Riaz to stand as a global architectural wonder. This master-planned city has earned Pakistan international recognition, becoming synonymous with deliberate construction and unparalleled vision.

Covering a vast land area, Bahria Town Lahore is divided into various sectors, offering a wide range of residential and commercial plots, as well as villas of different sizes. It stands out as one of the best housing societies in Lahore. It is owned by the renowned Bahria Town Group, which has launched promising residential projects across major cities in Pakistan.

Bahria Town Lahore hosts a plethora of projects, including Safari Villas, Bahria Orchard, Bahria Oasis, Ahram-e-Misr, Bahria Springs, Executive Lodges, Canal View Residency, Golf View Residencia, Bahria Nasheman, Bahria Education & Medical City, and state-of-the-art schools and hospitals.

Bahria Town Lahore Location

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Best Housing Societies in Lahore 33

Situated at Canal Bank Road, adjacent to Raiwind Road, Bahria Town Lahore is easily accessible from various routes, including the Main Raiwind Road. Its strategic location places it near renowned universities and other residential and commercial areas, making it an ideal choice for residents.

Bahria Town Lahore Payment Plan

Bahria Town Lahore offers affordable residential plots of various sizes, providing lucrative investment opportunities for those looking to invest in this thriving community. The housing society is quickly evolving into a financial hub in the region, further enhancing its appeal for investors.

SectorsPlot SizePlot Range
A4 Marla1.75 crore
8 Marla2.01 crore
1 Kanal3.35 crore
2 Kanal5.25 crore
B4 Marla1.75 crore
8 Marla3.35 crore
1 Kanal5.25 crore
2 Kanal7.85 crore
C3 Marla59 lac
5 Marla70.5 lac
10 Marla2.05 crore
1 Kanal4.3 crore
D5 Marla59 lac
7 Marla70.5 lac
10 Marla1.38 crore
1 Kanal3.1 crore
E5 Marla75 lac
10 Marla1.38 crore
1 Kanal3.05 crore
F5 Marla73 lac
10 Marla1.05 crore
14 Marla1.65 crore
1 Kanal2.05 crore

Bahria Town Lahore Facilities and Amenities

Residents of Bahria Town Lahore enjoy a luxurious and elegant lifestyle, facilitated by a range of basic amenities and facilities. The community prioritizes safety and security, providing a safe haven for its residents to thrive.

Shuttle Services

Efficient and reliable shuttle services within Bahria Town Lahore ensure seamless connectivity, making commuting within the community a breeze.

Home Insurance

Explore the added layer of security with home insurance options, providing residents with peace of mind and safeguarding their valuable investments.

Design Studio

Unleash your creativity with the Design Studio, a space where residents can personalize and tailor their living spaces to suit their unique preferences and styles.

Rescue and Relief Service

Prioritizing safety, the community offers Rescue and Relief Services, ensuring residents receive prompt assistance during unforeseen events or emergencies.

Maintenance Services

Enjoy hassle-free living with Maintenance Services, addressing any issues promptly to ensure that the community’s infrastructure remains in optimal condition.

Grand Jamia Masjid Lahore

Immerse yourself in the spiritual ambiance of the Grand Jamia Masjid Lahore, a majestic mosque that stands as a symbol of architectural excellence and spiritual significance.

Why Invest in Bahria Town Lahore?

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Best Housing Societies in Lahore 34

Bahria Town Lahore’s strategic location at Canal Bank Road, adjacent to Raiwand Road, places it in close proximity to renowned residential and commercial areas. Easy accessibility enhances its desirability for both residents and investors.

  • Educational Hub: The housing scheme is surrounded by several famous universities, fostering an environment of educational excellence. This not only adds to the appeal for families but also attracts potential tenants, making it an ideal investment choice.
  • Diverse Investment Opportunities: Bahria Town Lahore offers residential plots of various sizes and types at affordable prices. This diversity in options ensures that there is an investment opportunity for everyone, catering to different budgets and preferences.
  • Lucrative Investment Potential: The housing society’s continuous growth and development contribute to its increasing property values, making it a lucrative investment option. As Bahria Town Lahore evolves into a financial hub, investors can expect favorable returns on their investments.
  • Comprehensive Facilities and Amenities: Residents enjoy access to a range of basic facilities and amenities within Bahria Town Lahore. From state-of-the-art infrastructure to recreational spaces, the housing society is committed to providing a comfortable and convenient living environment.
  • Safety and Security: Bahria Town Lahore prioritizes the safety and security of its residents, ensuring a peaceful living experience. With well-implemented security measures, residents can rest assured that their well-being is a top priority.

Al-Noor Orchard Lahore

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Best Housing Societies in Lahore 35

Key Details

Location: Al-Noor Orchard Lahore, 3 km from Faizpur Interchange, Motorway (M2), on Main Sharaqpur Road

NOC: LDA-approved

Project by: Al-Jalil Developers

Al-Noor Orchard is the largest LDA-approved project in Lahore West and a project of Al-Jalil Developers. Al-Noor Orchard offers a distinctive blend of multiple mega projects within its expansive landscape. Themed purpose-built residential, leisure, and sporting communities enrich the living experience, setting it apart as a unique and versatile housing scheme. One of the most captivating features of Al-Noor Orchard is its meticulously maintained landscape. From the broad, tree-lined boulevards to lush green parks and gardens, every corner exudes a homely ambiance, creating an environment that feels truly welcoming.

After the successful possession of Blocks A, B, and C, Al-Noor Orchard is introducing A-Block Extension, offering On-Ground, Ready-for-Possession Plots at a prime location. This limited-time opportunity comes with an exceptionally convenient 3-year Payment Plan.

Al-Noor Orchard Lahore Location

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Best Housing Societies in Lahore 36

Al-Noor Orchard Lahore is conveniently located just 3 kilometers from Faizpur Interchange, Motorway (M2), on Main Sharaqpur Road. Its strategic positioning ensures easy connectivity to major routes, enhancing accessibility for residents.

Al-Noor Orchard Lahore Payment Plan

WhatsApp Image 2024 02 06 at 12.26.26 3a8ce414
Best Housing Societies in Lahore 37

The housing scheme presents an investor-friendly payment plan, allowing individuals to book 5, 10 Marla & 1 Kanal On-Ground Plots at the premium location of Block A-Extension with just 15% booking, offering possession in 60 days.

Plot SizeTotal PriceBooking Amount (20%)Confirmation Amount6 Half-Yearly Installments30 Monthly Installments
5 Marla6,000,000900,000900,000300,00080,000
10 Marla11,000,0001,600,0001,600,000550,000150,000
1 Kanal20,000,0002,950,0002,950,0001,000,000270,000

Al-Noor Orchard Lahore Facilities and Amenities

Al-Noor Orchard is not just a residential project; it’s a lifestyle destination. With ongoing construction and planned areas, it aspires to be the place where residents can live, work, shop, and relax in style. From well-appointed homes to top-quality schools, healthcare facilities, Trafalgar Square, Abu Bakar Siddiq Jamia Masjid, and recreational amenities like a sports complex, fitness center, and cinema, the community offers a comprehensive living experience.

Why Invest in Al-Noor Orchard Lahore?

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Best Housing Societies in Lahore 38

Investing in Al-Noor Orchard is a strategic move towards a future of prosperity. The combination of architectural excellence, versatile communities, prime location, and a well-thought-out payment plan positions Al-Noor Orchard as a lucrative investment opportunity. Al-Noor Orchard Lahore is not just a housing scheme; it’s a masterpiece of modern living. Whether you seek a home or an investment, Al-Noor Orchard promises a lifestyle that seamlessly blends beauty, convenience, and comfort, making it an ideal choice for those who aspire to elevate their living experience.


When it comes to making a real estate investment in the best housing societies in Lahore, strategic decisions are key. Consider your budget, investment goals, and the overall growth potential of the housing society. Whether you’re eyeing luxury living, futuristic developments, or budget-friendly options, Lahore’s housing market has something for every investor. Stay informed, conduct thorough research, and position yourself to capitalize on the dynamic real estate landscape of Lahore.


Which is the No 1 housing society in Lahore?

Bahria Town Lahore is one of the best housing societies in Lahore due to its top-notch amenities and state-of-the-art facilities.

Which is the safest society in Lahore?

Lahore smart city is the safest society in Lahore due to its 24/7 surveillance and security measures.

Which area is famous for living in Lahore?

DHA Lahore is pretty famous for residential living in Lahore.

Where is the cheapest place to live in Lahore?

Al-Jalil Garden is quite cheap and offers affordable living.

Which is the most expensive society in Lahore?

DHA and Bahria Town Lahore are the most expensive societies in Lahore.

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